Raising awareness about a little known diagnosis that impacts us all

Child angel in prayer statue
Child angel in prayer statue
Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, North Carolina (Photo credit: author)

Driving around.

That’s how I coped when my kids were little and I could’t get them to nap, or I simply couldn’t deal and frankly felt I might lose my mind. I’d strap them in their carseats and drive them around. Sometimes I’d get on the highway with the hope that the constant speed and hum would lull them to sleep. Other times I’d drive slowly through favorite neighborhoods: Oakwood, Boylan Heights, Cameron Park.

If they both miraculously fell asleep or were at least content, I might also drive…

Kathryn Clarke

Mom, partner to my childhood sweetheart, yoga teacher out of work due to Covid-19, and occasional writer. www.thisgroundthisbreath.com

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